Sue Blackburn
Professional Real Estate Inspector
Trec License #22449
Servicing Houston and Surrounding  Areas

1st Choice Real Estate Inspectors

We provide   honest, reliable inspections so you can make an informed decision. Our interest is your interest and we have the experience and education to provide you with the best possible inspection at an affordable price. I only do  one to two inspections a day to allow for as much time necessary to give the attention and detail  your inspection requires.    Call  now  713-240-6998 credit cards accepted on site.

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                                                                                                     Professional Real Estate Inspector
Why is this inspection company different?

An inspector in Texas is required to follow the Texas Standards of Practice.  There is a sentence in the "Scope" section that reads.  "The inspector may provide a higher level of inspection performance than required by the standards of practice and may inspect parts, components, and systems in addition to those described by the standards of practice." Not all inspectors do this.

See  the picture on the right? That was written up in an inspection report as a cracked, failing foundation by another inspector who had just charged his clients $800 for an inspection.  Red flags, sirens bells and whistles went off everywhere. This  caused the sellers and buyers  grief and hundreds of dollars to hire a structural engineer. The closing was delayed and all for nothing.

Here's the point. It's not a crack. It's just a a piece of construction debris laying against the foundation. The inspector could have touched it and it would have just fallen off revealing a perfect slab behind it.  All the structural engineer did was move the debris-which is what I will do.

At 1st Choice Real Estate Inspectors not only do we follow  the Texas  and Internachi Standards of Practice  for real estate inspectors we take a step forward and  go beyond the standards.  A real estate inspection is a visual inspection of the  possible defects, deficiencies and or hazards in the building.  


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